Brainstorming Retreat

I got back last night from a brainstorming retreat with Rose, Jennifer and Christy. I had never met these women before. They welcomed me and offered me some great ideas. It was so fun to bounce ideas off each other. Rose's husband joined us late Friday night and offered his perspective.
Before leaving Saturday, we visited a pre-Civil War house.
This is Rose and Christy with me in front of the Peck House in Cynthiana, KY.

As I understand it, when all the homes along this street were burned during the Civil War a lady ran out to the soldiers. She begged them not to burn this house because some really nice people lived there. This historic home would not be here if that lady had not been brave enough to face the soldiers. Also the family must have been extremely nice, and the soldiers felt some sort of sympathy in order not to burn it down.
I wonder if I'm that brave. I have great neighbors, but would I be that heroic in a similar situation? And if my house was about to be burned would any of my neighbors think I was nice enough to step up for me?