Goals and dreams

Today I answered a question about dreams. I've set goals throughout my life. Some were go to college and get a good job. With God's help I've accomplished this goal. I'm married to a wonderful man and am blessed with a great family.
My youngest son, Scott, began to play tennis four years ago. Many tennis players started when they were small children and played competetively for years before Scott ever picked up a racquet. He didn't let their comments deter him from his goal of being the best tennis player possible. Sure, he experienced down moments wishing he'd begun playing years earlier, but he persevered. He sacrificed a lot to learn his sport and make great strides.
At the point he graduated from high school he'd made it to the top ranks of USTA players in the state of KY. He's playing for Asbury University and still loving the sport.
Why am I telling you all of this? I began writing seriously a couple of years ago. When I feel down about my age and slow progress, I'm going to think about how hard Scott worked. I'll keep on writing and studying how to be a better writer and see where this dream takes me.