Last night we babysat Brooke who will be two in December. Rain prevented us from playing outside which is her favorite thing to do. Brooke is a Disney girl who has been to Disney World twice already. She loves the princesses! The music and dancing appeal to her.
Close to eight o'clock, she began winding down, but we were at my house so we couldn't get ready for bed. And we didn't have a princess video. But I found a Barney DVD and popped it in.
According to her mother, she hasn't seen Barney before. Well, she was drawn to it. She stood in front of the TV and watched the children dance. Then she tried.
She tried to move her feet like they did. She clapped her hands OVER her head and twisted her tummy. She had a ball.
I think Barney said you can't be down if you're dancing. And I think he's right.
The first dates my husband and I had involved dancing. I'm not a great dancer because I'm not that coordinated, but I enjoy it.
And how many people talk about Snoopy's happy dance?
So next time I'm feeling down, I'm going to pop some music on the CD player and dance my blues away.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!