Interview with Regina Tittel

Regina Tittel's new book, Unexpected Kiss, will be out on November 10. Once again Regina turns out an enjoyable story. She graciously agreed to spend a few minutes with us today.

Can you tell me what inspired you to write this?

Two things inspired me. First, we had lived in the area described in
the book and I wanted to broaden my writing capabilities and capture
something different than I did in Abandoned Hearts. Secondly, I wanted
to reach out to those who weren't blessed with an active father in
their youth and show them who our heavenly father is and how to
connect with him.

What qualities do you admire about the hero and heroine in your story?

I appreciate Ethan's patience and non-judging attitude. And of course,
who doesn't like a man who protects us at all cost?! And with the
heroine, I like her controlled manner and her perseverance. She's
turning over a new lease in life and thinks things through rather than
jump into anything.

Is there a spriritual truth you want to reader to walk away with?

Always. In Unexpected Kiss, I want the reader to understand no matter
what sins they've committed, Jesus is quick to forgive and He cares
about everything that happens to us.

Tell us something about yourself the average reader might not know.

I'm cautious of snakes, but I don't fear them. And when a four foot
black snake wanted to crawl under the rocks that line the exterior of
our basement wall, we had a full tug-of-war going on. He won. He got
to stay under the rock but I'd damaged him and haven't seen him since.
(don't try this at home!)

Because we're seeped in football right now do you have a favorite
college team? NFL?

I'm an embarrassment to any sport enthusiast. I don't keep up with any
sports. We don't even have television hooked up in our home. When we
moved in and were finally able to hook up the antennae after months of
building on the house, the same re-run was on that we'd watched before
we'd moved. So we figured we wouldn't miss much. That was twelve years
ago. (We still rent movies though.)

How do you get inspired for your stories?

Through movies, books I've read and stories of people's lives. In the
upcoming book, Coveted Bride, I had a friend who was going through a
very rough time in her marriage. That inspired its beginning. And in
the upcoming book, Cherished Stranger, last year while schooling our
daughter, we used a book called, Windows on the World. It shows the
need for Jesus in countries around the world and the poverty people
live in. I'd almost cry every time I read from it. It inspired me to
write about a sponsor child and her father and draw readers' attention
to the need that's out there.

What do you hope to accomplish through your writing?

My writing goal is to not only capture the readers' interest through
engaging, relatable stories but to leave them informed and inspired. I
want to change the world for the better, one reader at a time.

My books can be found at most online stores, in e versions and
paperback. Abandoned Hearts is available now, and Unexpected Kiss will
be available, November 10th. If you're interested in learning how to
write and become published, I leave my experiences on my blog at If you have further questions, you can
contact me at

Thanks so much for having me, Jackie!

I'm glad we could get together, and I wish you much success on Unexpected Kiss!