Thanks SOOOO Much

While celebrating Christmas with my extended family, Brooke my two-year-old granddaughter, handed my brother a gift. He leaned down toward her, smiled, and said, "Thanks, so much." Brooke paused for only a second then went back to handing out gifts for my dad.
Later that night, while we sat around the table playing a game, Brooke repeated, "Thanks, sooooo much," softly. Over and over.
One of my nieces laughed and looked at me. She said, "If anybody else was doing that it'd be annoying, but with Brooke it's just so cute."
This scene has replayed in my mind as one of the sweet moments of Christmas this year.
Do I thank others enough for the things they do for me? Do I thank God enough for all the mercies He shows me? Maybe, I need to practice saying, "Thanks, so much."
Let me start by thanking you all for spending time with me these last six months as I begin my writing journey. THANKS, SO MUCH!!!

I hope 2012 is a slam dunk of a year for you all!