Tonight the time changes, and we begin a subtle shift from winter to spring. Four seasons make up a year, but how many seasons make up our lives?
I've gone from baby, to child, teen, adult, mother and grandmother. Most of these changes occur in an instant. We may know ahead of time to prepare for the change. Like the time preparing to getting married. Most people spend a year or so preparing for the wedding. But you go from single to married in an instant. For nine months you prepare to have a baby, but in an instant you become a parent.
During the recent tornadoes many people went from being home owners to homeless in an instant. Most were thankful to survive with their lives.
My brother, Chris, went from being a healthy man visiting his doctor for a check up to a man living with cancer. For a period of time my father and brother both were living with cancer.
Chris had surgery, and Dad's going through radiation. He's down to two more treatments, and with that I hope my family will pass from the season of cancer to cancer free.
So I look forward to spring and the hope that it brings. Hope in God that better things are ahead of us.