The Wildcats beat the Cardinals and made it to the finals. Praise God. Go Cats!

On Sports Center, I heard a comment that stuck with me. One of the men said that these boys work toward this goal all season. Every time they put on a uniform to practice, this is the ultimate goal. Each game they play hard on the way to making it to the final game.

At UK, Coach Cal has taught the players to work as a team. They share the ball with each other to score for the team. ESPN commentators think this is part of their success. It's not a one man show.

I began to wonder about my life goals. How many goals have I worked toward and only achieved because of help from others?

What can I do to help others achieve their goals?

This weekend I brainstormed stories with seven other women. We kicked around ideas about characters, plot and time periods. I discovered I don't know anything about the regency time period or teenage girls. But I was still able to contribute to conversations about character and plot.

Most of us met for the first time on Friday, but we were able to come together because we love God and want to honor Him with our writing.

This week I'm going to act like an athlete and work toward my goals each day. My ultimate goal is to please God. So whether I become a published writer or not, I hope to help others daily. And hopefully in the end I'll hear, "Well done," from the ONE who matters.

I hope you all have a wonderful HOLY week!