Do you ever surprise yourself? For years I thought I'd like to go to Paris. It's been an underlying desire that never made it to the top of my priority list. My life is good, and if I never make it to Paris it won't be the end of the world. There are so many places in the USA that I love to visit. Boston, Savannah, and Charleston, SC are a few of my favorite places. On a recent trip to Mobile, I enjoyed walking through downtown and looking at the old homes. This started me thinking. Not always a good thing. A friend of ours recently returned from Europe, and I loved looking at his pictures. If I did go to Paris, what would I want to do? I love art and want to see the museums. But as I looked at Tom's pictures I loved seeing the different architectural styles. I enjoy seeing old buildings and homes. When I've visited Boston, Savannah, Charleston, and Mobile, I've enjoyed walking around and studying the homes. Each area has a different style, but they are all beautiful cities. So whenever I go on vacation in the future, I want to take time to roam the city streets and learn what makes the city unique.