Living Like a College Student

Here I am with my favorite college student, Scott. He is home for summer vacation. He spends most of his time working and hanging out with friends. The first few nights he was home, the guys hung out at our house. But now they're venturing out. One night Scott and two friends drove to the next county to hang out with a friend from college who's stuck home recovering from back surgery. Scott packed up a video game system and the three friends headed out. We live in a small town surrounded by narrow, curvy roads. I always ask him to text me when he's heading home, and to come talk to me when he gets home. Then I can turn out my light and go to sleep. The night they visited their friend, I was so tired that I drifted in and out of sleep. I left my light on so I wouldn't fall too deeply asleep. You know, in case there's an accident I want to know and go look for them. Well, I fell asleep and he woke me up to tell me he was home. It was after 1:00 AM, and I had to be up by 6:00 AM to go to work. So that night the guys get together at a friend's house with a swimming pool. It's one o'clock again. But this time I'm a little more with it. When he comes in the house, I hear him and raise up on my elbows to talk to him. The third night in a row that he comes home after midnight, I'm up in the kitchen washing dishes and somewhat full of energy. Was I yawning at work? You bet I was. But I discovered it only took me three nights to learn to live like a college student.