How often do we consider going on an adventure?

Yesterday I went for a neighborhood walk with Amanda, Brooke and Allie. It was my first walk with sweet Allie, and she didn't make a peep.

Brook started out riding in the double stroller, and then she decided to walk. I wish I'd taken my camera.

It was unseasonably warm so she took off her jacket. She was wearing a purple princess dress and black boots. Adorable doesn't begin to describe it.

On our walk we saw school buses. We waved to children who go off the buses. We saw the wind blow empty garbage cans around. We touched pine needles in a neighbor's tree. The walk was delightful.

We got back to their house and went inside. We hadn't been there long before Brooke turned to her mother and said that she was ready to go on another adventure.

And you know what, walking with a three year old is a lovely adventure.

I hope you have a great week!