Do you have a book that you've underlined page after page?

One of the books I have like this is With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray.

last week our bookshelf began collapsing, and I pulled everything off and came across this much-loved book.

I began to leaf through it and have decided to read the entire thing again.

Murray emphasizes we need to surrender ourselves to God to pray effectively.

"And not a moment without the entire surrender of myself as a vessel for him to fill full of his Spirit and his love."

Murray takes New Testament teachings about prayer and focuses on them in thirty-one chapters. These chapters help the reader move past ineffective prayer. He leads you into a fuller understanding of the work God has called you to do.

Murray points out that the prophets didn't teach us to pray. Jesus taught us to pray.

I'm excited to dive into With Christ in the School of Prayer again this spring.

Do you have a book that has helped you have a closer relationship with God?

Happy Easter!