End of a decade

I no longer have a teenager. Twenty years ago I gave birth to a ten pound AND four ounce bundle of joy, Scott Kennady Layton.

He challenged us continually, but it was always a joy. He caused me to think harder and work harder. Actually both of my sons did that. I'll tell anybody who asks that they are both smarter than me, because they are.

My boys were born twelve years apart. So you might think we tended to baby the youngest. Not so.

My dad said the day Scott discovered Bill, my oldest son, wasn't another parent was the day my troubles started. Ha!

Once Scott thought they were on a level playing field, he began to think he could do anything Bill could do.

The day after his first Christmas he began to walk. Eight months old and he was off and running.

He hated to see Bill leave in the mornings for school, and he loved to see him come home. Many times he'd rather hang out with Bill and his friends than kids his own age. Thank goodness Bill was a great, big brother.

My husband, Bill, and Scott all love sports. The boys tried out every sport offered through the years, and somehow they both settled on tennis.

By the time Scott began playing tennis, Bill was married and working. But Bill still found time to play tennis with Scott. As Scott grew better in tennis, he became more of a challenge to Bill. Now here's the thing, neither boy likes to lose. I mean, they are really competitive. So Scott eventually began to think he could beat Bill. Every time he'd come home and had lost, he'd be mad. Seriously. Now don't forget Bill's working full time, and Scott's in high school. Scott is in tennis clinics and playing in tournaments all over Kentucky. Bill knows the day is coming when he'll lose, but he fights. Bill comes close to losing but manages to prevail. And at last it happens. Scott wins.

And deep down, do you know who I think was the proudest of Scott's achievement? Bill.

Scott's in college and plays tennis for Asbury University. He's trying different things and wants to discover the path God has for him. I've got a glimpse of where I think he's headed, but he's only twenty.

This next decade should be as exciting as the last.

I hope you all have a great week!