Highs and lows

I rarely watch golf on TV, but my husband likes to watch The Masters. We were babysitting, and I played outside with Brooke. Tim took baby Allie inside to watch the match wrap up.

By the time Brooke and I came inside it was down to Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera in a dramatic playoff.

These days so many athletes are self-centered and only look out for their best interests. Yesterday was an example of good sportsmanship at it's best.

It took two playoff holes to determine a winner. It was pouring down rain in Augusta which, of course, made it harder to play. On the last hole the men hit their balls and after Adam Scott made one shot, Angel Cabrera gave him a thumbs up sign. This may be a good time to mention Scott is from Australia, and Cabrera is from Argentina. They don't speak the same language. After the thumbs up, Scott looked at Cabrera and returned the gesture.

In the end Adam Scott won, and do you know what Cabrera did? He didn't hang his head or storm off the green. He walked over to Scott and hugged him. Not a little hug, but a big old bear hug. The the caddies hugged the golfers. It was a sweet moment in golf and in the sporting world.

I think the last thing Cabrera was reported to have said on his way to the car was, "God gives and takes."

Yesterday both of these men were classy and a great example to all athletes.

On a sad note, the death and destruction at the Boston Marathon today broke my heart. My prayers go out to those in the race, the spectators, and the people of Boston. I've already heard about heroes today like the doctor standing beside six other spectators hurt in the explosion. He was able to help them immediately. The news showed physicians, paramedics, firemen, cops and others in uniform helping the wounded. I know there are people still working to find the person behind this tragedy. All of these people are in my prayers.