My garden

I love having a garden. When I first began gardening I focused on flowers.

Then I spread my wings and tried strawberries. I've had pretty good luck with strawberries, and this has been a great season. We still have a few left.

Blueberries are harder. You have to have more than one bush, and you need a male and female. My blueberry bushes did pretty good at my last house, but I haven't had much success at this house. I'm still hopeful though. Here are my first two blueberries of the year.

We started our blackberry bushes a couple of years ago with a shoot from Mrs. Layton's yard. I think we may have an amazing year, and the best thing is they are thornless.

We're also growing tomatoes, peppers and parsley.

I didn't grow up on a farm, and I'm always thrilled when God provides food for my family from my garden.

One last picture I want to share with you. My coreopsis began blooming this weekend.