First day of fall

We woke up to forty-nine degrees this morning.

The cooler temperature puts a little perk in my step after the hot humid days of summer. (Although I'll take summer over winter any day.)

When I lived in Georgia, fall became my favorite time of year. In the fall we have tailgating, Halloween, and Thanksgiving to celebrate.

Recently Tim and I took our dog on a walk through the woods. We saw many rabbits but we also saw two white tailed deer. They took one look at us and ran off in graceful beauty.

Sports is another big part of the season. Soccer, football, and volleyball are some of the sports we can watch in the fall. Yesterday we attended our first college volleyball game. We watched the Asbury University Lady Eagles win their game. I didn't know the rules, but it was fun.

I hope you find time to enjoy all that fall has to offer.