We've just returned from visiting Scott in Seville, Spain. They spell it Sevilla.

It is a traditional city in Spain with very few people who speak English.

This tower is the first "sight" we saw. We took the EA bus from the airport and were supposed to get off here.

We stood up when the bus stopped. The driver opened the doors and before we got out, he took off. So we had to get off at the next stop and figure out how to get back to the tower because that's where we were to meet Scott. We wore our jeans and were carrying and pulling our luggage. It was hot. Like ninety-four degrees hot. By the time we found Scott we were beside ourselves. He walked with us to our hotel in Triana and helped us check in. Then we found a place for dinner.

I was fascinated with the tile work all over the city. Some of the tiles were laid thousands of years ago and still survive.

I've been talking to Tim for a while about placing tiles between our steps leading upstairs one day. Now I'm truly inspired.

I'm still suffering from jet lag, but I'll share more in the days ahead.