Bull fighting in Spain

Bull fighting is a popular sport in Spain. Tim and I toured the bull fighting arena in Sevilla.

The Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza is on the main street in Sevilla across the road from the river.

The arena holds about 12,000 people. The lower seats in the shade go for the most money.

Your ticket buys you the opportunity to see three bull fighters (toreros) fight six bulls in about three hours.

Each torero has a team of five other men. Two on horseback antagonize the bull with long spheres. Then the other three men stab the bull with knives. (This is the way I interpreted what our guide told us.) By now these five assistants have got the bull good and mad so the crowd and judge can see a good fight.

I'm so glad the fighting season was over by the time we arrived in Sevilla. It seems like a gruesome sport. The owner of the arena gives profits to charity which is super nice.

Toreros can make almost no money per fight when their career starts to $300,000.00 per fight. They may have one hundred fights per year.

This got Tim to thinking. (You know he's into raising money for ministry.) If he could learn how to fight a bull, it wouldn't take a lot of fights to raise money for the next phase of Wesley Village or pay off the building debt at our church.

I'm usually supportive of whatever he wants to tackle, but I'm drawing the line at bullfighter.

Have a great week.