Q is for Queen Elizabeth

Tim, Scott and I took a weekend trip to London, England during our visit to see Scott in Spain.

Scott booked our plane tickets on an airline where we could only take a backpack. That's it. I'd already blown the electricity out at the hotel in Sevilla when my converter didn't work on my hair dryer. So I wouldn't need to pack a hair dryer or curling irons.
I discovered one secret to packing for a weekend without much space was to layer your clothes. I wore jeans, t-shirt, sweater, and jacket tied around my waist.

I was not prepared to fall in love with London. The place is charming, and we all want to go back one day when we have more time to explore.

We mostly visited outdoor sights because we didn't really have time to tour, but we saw a lot of different things.

One of the amazing sights we saw was Big Ben. It turns out it's Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben is the name of the massive bell inside the clock tower. (It weights more than thirteen tons. No wonder they call it big.)

I hope you've enjoyed visiting Spain and London with me. It's been such an exciting time of my life.