Live Each Day to the Fullest

Some of you know that I had a close call with cancer. I'm blessed to announce that my biopsy came back benign. One of the things I did during the waiting period was think about how to live healthier.

I was challenged to eat vegetarian for twenty-one days. I'm in the middle of that now and have discovered I don't miss meat that much. Scott has been home for Christmas break, and as I've cooked I've put meat in meals for Tim and Scott. So far I haven't felt deprived.

I've eaten a lot of salads the past twelve days. I discovered adding avocado to my salad makes it more filling.

Another thing I was sad to discover was changing to vegetarian has not caused me to lose any weight. But that's okay. All the fruits and vegetables have got to be doing some good.

Scott had an unexpected surgery three days before my procedure. He was forced to lie down or recline in the La-Z-Boy. The unexpected blessing was we got to spend more time together as a family. We cared for him and just sat in the same room to be ready if he needed anything. He's healing and headed back to college tonight.

We never know what the future holds for us. I'm going to try to live each day to the fullest this year. I hope you do too!