New Year Part 2

Now I have the sideboard in my family room, and we let Caleb leave. Bill looks at me and we know I'm in trouble. Brooke and Allie are with him, and Brooke knows there's a problem also. Allie's just happy to crawl around.

We begin moving furniture to accommodate this new addition. And when I say we, I mean Bill. He moved the couch, one of my big chairs and ottoman, and the Lazy-Boy recliner. At last I send him home and await the verdict from Tim.

When he arrives home late Saturday night, he decides the furniture is not quite right either. Now we're trading out chairs from the downstairs and our bedroom with chairs in the family room. At last we arrive with an arrangement we decide to live with for a while.

The only thing left is to add knobs. You may remember we broke the locks on two doors. We now need to drill holes for the knobs to go on other places of the door.

I make my second trip to the hardware store to pick out wooden knobs. I paint them, and Tim begins the process of drilling holes. The very first drill bit breaks. To make a long story short, we end up back at the hardware store to buy a new drill. The clerk told Tim if he could wait until Friday, the drill would be on sale. Tim bought it anyway.

After much struggling he got all the knobs on. Remember this is old furniture and not some lame plywood.

Without further ado..... my new/old distressed French sideboard.