My dog, Heinz, was born in September 2008. He's a Westie and thinks he's a guard dog.

We took him to the groomer's this weekend. He hates it, so I try to trim him up on my own. After the long winter, he needed serious attention. He needed more help than I could give.

The first few times we took him to the groomer, he'd come home and go right to his kennel. Heinz would curl up into a little ball as if embarrassed. Poor thing.

This time when he got home, he wanted to go out on the back deck. He began barking. It seemed as if he told the neighbor dogs, "Look what they did to me. They cut all my hair off. The indignity of it is unbelievable. Somebody give me some sympathy."

We brought him inside and loved on him and gave him extra treats.

I know I've had bad haircuts before. Only once did I cry. So in a way, I feel his pain. Until his hair grows, I'll enjoy a neater house and give him some extra loving.

Doesn't he look handsome?