One young mother's love

I'm so excited to introduce you to my niece, Jessica Lutz. She's married to my nephew, Eric, and last July they became proud parents to Sadie.

Jessica took time off from her teaching career to stay home with Sadie. Jessica needed to quit breast-feeding Sadie in preparation for surgery, and she missed the sweet bond they shared. When the time came for Sadie to try baby food, Jessica couldn't help notice how expensive it was. Eric is a youth pastor, and they live on a strict budget. After adding up the cost of baby food, Jessica decided to make Sadie's food herself.

She took vegetables, cut them into cubes and boiled the cubes. Next she blended it, and then froze it in ice cube trays.

After they freeze, she puts them into freezer bags and dates them.

I asked Jessica why she went to all this trouble. She said first it was about saving money, but she loves doing this for Sadie. It's not hard and worth the effort. She feels closer to her daughter by providing nutritious meals. Sadie usually eats three fruits and three veggies per meal. Her favorite foods are sweet potatoes and green beans.

I'm super proud of Jessica for the love and care she lavishes on her family. There's no doubt by the look on Sadie's face that she enjoys eating what her mother prepares.