Twenty-five years and counting

Tim and I got married twenty-five years ago in Athens, Georgia at The First United Methodist Church. I met Tim there the first Sunday he arrived in Athens. I was a greeter, and he walked into the building at the door where I was to welcome him. I can still remember the sun streaming in behind him, and my heart raced. He wanted to meet the preacher, and I told him how to get to the office. A little later guess who walked into my Sunday School class? I was in the singles class, so now I knew he was single. Now my heart was really racing.

After class we talked and discovered we were both from Kentucky. I won't bore you with too many more details, but it's been a great ride. Our family has grown. We've survived Tim's brain surgery and two hip replacements. We've moved six times and survived ups and downs, but through it all God has been at the center of our marriage. I am so blessed, and I hope we get to enjoy twenty-five more years together.