Happy Father's Day Weekend

This weekend is Father's Day Weekend. I've been blessed with a wonderful dad, and I hope you've had wonderful father in your life.

Here is a picture of my parents this past Christmas. Dad always has a ready smile and usually a funny story to tell. Strike that, not usually, he always has a funny story to tell that's sure to bring a smile to your face.

Stranger is not in my dad's vocabulary. He's traveled all over the southeast United States to watch the grandkids play sports. He can strike up a conversation with anybody. And he remembers them.

My youngest son says he's had tennis players tell him they met his granddaddy at tournaments, and Scott never knew they'd had a conversation.

Dad also understands why I'm a big Georgia football fan, and he keeps up with the Dawgs so we can discuss them together.
(Daddy graduated from the University of Kentucky but helped me in the decision making process of choosing to go to the University of Georgia for pharmacy school.)

Here my brother, Chris, and I are with my parents last spring.

I love my dad and can't wait to see him so we can celebrate Father's Day this weekend.

I hope you all have a great weekend!