Hop, hop, blog hop

My friend, LeAnne Bristow, invited me to participate in a blog hop. She said please three times, and I probably would have said yes after one please.

LeAnne and I are both writers, and we've both been to London.

Here's LeAnne in London.

And here's a picture of me in London.

I hope to go back one day when I have more time.

LeAnne asked me four questions.

1. What am I working on?

I'm working on The Bye Way Inn a romance set on the coast of North Carolina. I've written the story and am editing it now. I hope to have it ready to pitch at ACFW conference in September.

The day Rachel Grant discovers she has inherited her grandmother's inn, Matt Jackson shows up from Inn Possible to help improve the place. Rachel wasn't prepared to inherit The Bye Way, and she wasn't prepared to meet Matt. He can't believe she's not more excited to have such a great place. As they work together toward a common goal, they develop feelings for each other until Matt discovers a secret that could end their budding relationship.

2. How does my work different from others?

I usually have pets in my story and try to inject a little humor. I love romantic comedies, and the men in my family are pretty funny. I'd like to think my stories will make my readers smile. My stories also are Christian based. No bad words or scenes you'd be embarrassed to have your children read.

3.Why do I write what I do?

In January I was writing a story about heroin addiction, and the more I wrote the more down in the dumps I got. After a while I decided to write happier stories. God is the center of my life, so I can't imagine writing a story that did not focus on him in a good way.

4. How does my writing process work?

I'm still trying to figure out the best way. I create my characters first. I always need a picture of them to refer to, especially my heroes. Otherwise they all end up looking like my husband. (He's always my hero!)

After I create my characters, I come up with a basic plot that I try to follow. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

That's enough about me. I'd like to introduce you to a couple of friends of mine that I met through ACFW critique groups.

They both write great Christian suspense.

Heidi Glick is talented, young, and energetic. She and her husband came from Ohio to Kentucky one day so we could brainstorm ideas. Heidi and her husband, John, have an adorable son and are expecting another baby soon. Heidi's debut novel, Dog Tags is available now.
Heidi is working on a devotional book with a few other authors.

Another friend of mine is Marcy G. Dyer.
Marcy is a registered nurse and suspense author. She doesn't hold back in her stories, and you'll find yourself flipping through the pages. She currently has two novels from the Desert Winds Series available: Down & Out and Out for Blood Her newest novel, Blood and Lies will release in November.