Paleo Update

I wanted to update you on my paleo life. Starting this in the spring was a good idea because of all the wonderful fresh produce. I imagine the winter would be a hard time to start.

There are a few shady areas of the diet. Some "authorities" say potatoes and rice are okay. Others disagree. So I've eaten potatoes (especially on vacation), but I haven't touched rice.

We've eaten a lot of salads. I discovered you can have a healthy lunch for less than 200 calories if you put tuna on your salad and use a lite vinaigrette. Tim and Scott think it's disgusting, but it's not bad.

One thing I've tried that we all like is drying my own fruit. It occurred to me that the dried fruit I ate was really sweet. Turns out they add sugar. So I ordered this handy dandy machine to do it myself.

So far I've tried apples, mangoes, bananas, cherries, and kiwi. The apples and cherries were my favorites. Tim and Scott have enjoyed this experiment. Scott even took some to work, and the guys there offered some suggestions of foods to try.

I've lost ten pounds in six weeks, and I feel better. So for now I'm going to stick with this eating plan.

I hope you all have a great week!