Small Town Life

One of the great things about living in a small town is the 4th of July parade. You know many of the people in the parade and most of the spectators are your friends.

This year Wesley Village decorated at our home and stored the golf carts in our garage. Bill, Brooke, and Allie came by to check them out before the parade. (No minors drove the carts. I promise.)

Wilmore is patriotic. We appreciate those who serve our country. We also appreciate our veterans, police officers, and firemen.

The parade has creative entries such as the swim team who shoots water guns at the crowd. Tractors, fire trucks, horses and bicycles are part of the parade. We even have a lawn mower brigade. Not only do they decorate their lawn mowers, they take time to play music and perform. Many people throw out candy, and if your kids don't get some, the people next to you usually share.

Uncle Sam and Abe Lincoln joined the parade.

Besides passing out candy, Wesley Village passed out fans. After all, it is July.

The 2014 parade did not disappoint. A good time was had by all.