What's your motto?

Many of you know my day job is working as a pharmacist at Drug Mart Pharmacy. There is never a dull moment working there. We have great customers and many have become our friends.

Over the weekend I had an interesting experience. Because of HIPPA laws, I can't lay the groundwork as well as I'd like, but here goes.

One of my customers came through the drive-thru yesterday. I've known him and his family for years. I know him, his wife, kids, his daddy, and grandchildren. They are always nice to me.
In case you don't know, Jessamine County is more countrified than citified. That's okay by me.

Whenever this man calls the store and I answer the phone he says, "This is your worst nightmare." And then he laughs. He's got a great sense of humor.

So yesterday this customer and his wife came through our drive through. They called me over to talk to me. Nothing new, that happens often.

He says, "You're a UK fan, ain't ya?"

I live in Big Blue Country, so of course I replied, "I sure am."

He says, "You want to see what I got my wife for our anniversary? It was last week."

Now they're riding in a big old pick-up truck. So it's not like I'm looking down into their vehicle. Pretty much eye-to-eye. I told him that I would like to see what he got his wife. I was interested. This man seems to be fiercely loyal to his wife and loves her like crazy. I didn't think it'd be flowers or a book. So I'm thinking maybe jewelry.

He reaches down into the seat between them and pulls up a gun! A GUN!!! Are you with me?

My eyes are now fixated on this gun.

His wife said three times before it registered with me, "It's not loaded." And she's giggling.

The gun is some kind of revolver with a pink handle and a round blue and white UK emblem.

I didn't think he'd fire on me, but that thing might be loaded and it could accidentally fire.

When I'm at work I never want to see a gun. EVER!

I broke out into almost hysterical laughing. I think everybody in the store stopped what they were doing to see what the commotion was. Okay, so maybe it was hysterical laughing.

This is where I came up with my new motto.

Never pull a gun out on your pharmacist. That's my new motto!