Happiest Place in the World?

We're back home from Disney World. This was my first trip as a grandparent, and I discovered quite a few things. Let me share two with you now.

Parents work so hard to make sure their trip to Disney is so amazing for their children that they get frustrated with other people. People like other tourists, park employees, their spouses, and even their children. We were not the fastest family in the parks this week. Our ages ranged from 13 months to 76 years. And their were thirteen of us. I know some other families were irritated with our pace as they cut through our group. I really wanted to say, "Slow down and enjoy the moment."

My second realization was if somebody was rude to my grandchildren, on purpose, I was more angry that I'd have been if they were rude to me or my kids.

I think if you relax, it can be a happy trip. We saw great shows, laughed a lot, enjoyed parades, dancing in the street and fireworks. I'll share more another day, but we had a great time.