Tea time in Southport, North Carolina

I recently stopped for lunch at Southport Tea House with my sister-in-law, Carol. The moment we stepped through the door I was enchanted. We entered into a cozy environment from a driving rain to be greeted by a sweet waitress.

The tables were set with floral tablecloths, fine china tea cups and saucers, and sugar bowls with real sugar. No artificial sweeteners in sight. Each table featured a unique teapot. The place oozed charm from the ceiling to the floor.

We enjoyed the Southport tea of the day, quiche, salad and tea crackers. Even though I was full, I wanted to try their Oreo-brownie. It was as delicious as lunch. I even bought a peach tea to take home and try. We stretched out lunch as long as possible, and I felt as if I was leaving a friend when we left.

I look forward to my next trip to Southport, and I plan to make time for tea again.

Until then I may have to throw a tea party of my own.