It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a remote control helicopter

Recently Tim and I met Mark Brumback from Shoreline Productions. He was working with his new remote control helicopter with a camera. He's a legitimate businessman and not paparazzi trying to take pictures for magazines or newspapers.

Mark is super nice and explained to us how special this camera is. The camera stays steady even if the RC helicopter tilts. GPS is included in case the helicopter flew too high or maybe in case the operator lost sight of it.

Tim told Mark that Wesley Village recently wanted to take pictures of their campus. He and Mark agreed the RC helicopter camera would have been perfect for that project. The helicopter can quickly go places it'd take a man far longer to cover. While Mark talked to us a Vietnam Veteran approached us. He was super excited to see the RC helicopter. he even shared memories of some of his experiences in Vietnam.

Shoreline Productions is a full service media contact provider. They work with video, film, DVD, Internet and interactive media. I'm sure they're excited to have the RC helicopter camera at their disposal.

Meeting these men and learning about the RC helicopter added a richness to our morning that we hadn't expected.