Color of hope

I recently came across an article discussing the meaning of colors.

Certain colors make me think of the beach, but I never considered colors had meanings.

I looked up the color for hope. Most sites I visited listed green as the color of hope. (One site suggested gray which does not make me hopeful.)

If you have visited me at my house, you'll know I'm not afraid of color. Here's a picture of my dining room brainstorming with Rose McCauley, Loretta Gibbons, Jennifer Johnson, and Kim Sawyer.

As I read more I found green is the color for harmony and balance. That's a little out there if you ask me, so I continued to look. After my research here's what I came up with.

In the spring we see green grass coming up. Green leaves pop out on trees and flowers. When I see the green in nature, I'm filled with anticipation of spring and warm weather. I'm filled with HOPE.

Today the grass is brown and yellow, but soon it will begin to turn green. And then I'll head outside to enjoy the beauty of nature and spring sports.

Do you have a favorite color? Does it make you hopeful and happy?