Favorite Beaches

My husband and I are beach people. We are landlocked in Kentucky, but when we have vacation time the beach is where we want to go.

I recently asked my critique partners, Janet Ferguson, LeAnne Bristow, and Misty Beller if they had a favorite beach. Today I want to share how LeAnne answered my questions. I bet you laugh before you finish.

LeAnne, would you share about a memorable beach trip?

Sure. I'm in. However, I'm not the best person to talk to about beaches. I've been to the beach a grand total of 3 times in my whole life.

Favorite beach? I don't know the names of any beaches. :(

My first beach trip was to a beach in Galveston. I wasn't very old, maybe 7 or 8. My mom and her sisters took the kids on one of the rare weekends that she had visitation. I remember that I played in the water for a long time and when I came back to shore, I was lost. Apparently the water pushed me further down the beach than I realized. I was really freaked out. Life guards finally helped me find my mom. I also remember that I got so sunburned that I couldn't wear a shirt for a week. Not my best memory.

Do I enjoy going? I'm a desert rat, so we don't go often. Plus my husband has a huge phobia of the ocean (deep sea fishing trip gone bad). We went to San Diego for my daughter's soccer tournament and took the kids to the beach while we were there. My husband sat on the beach in his wranglers, western shirt and boots while we let the kids play. The only other time we went, my husband had a workshop in San Diego and we ate at a restaurant on the beach and had drinks on the roof. We watched the sunset and it was really beautiful. I loved the smell and the atmosphere. The water...not so much. The pacific ocean is really cold.
I'm attaching a picture of that night. I snapped some of the sunset and it was pretty.

I'm wishing I was there now. Thanks for sharing, LeAnne!