A Story of Courage

Whenever any of our friends heard we were going to Hilton Head Island, they told us to eat at the Salty Dog Cafe. We decided to try it, and it was good. Very good. But it turns out there's a story behind the Satly Dog. The manager shared that he couldn't give us an exact date of the event, but there is a legend behind the restaurant.

One Friday morning, Captain John Braddocks headed out to sea on his thirty-six foot fishing boat, The Salty Dog. Jake, his faithful dog, joined him. Captain Braddocks had built his wooden boat by hand and had made this fishing run many times to the Snapper Banks. He was having a good fishing day by catching several black grouper and an eight pound red snapper. The sky began to get dark, and he kept an eye on the weather but didn't expect much to happen.

Before he knew it, a twenty foot wave hit the boat and lightning filled the sky. Jake growled at the storm, and the captain pulled in his lines raised the anchor. He needed to get moving. Fast.

Before they could get away, another twenty foot wave pummeled them. This time the boat capsized, and John and Jake hit the water. He feared they'd die. Jake was a dog who loved the water and swam with dolphins. He swam to John who grabbed his collar and prayed.Jake fought hard for the next three days to save himself and John.

They reached Sea Pines Beach early in the morning and were spotted by a person who gave them fresh water and got them help.

One interesting twist to this story...this was not just any beach. This was their home port.