No two snowflakes are alike

William Christian Lutz was my grandfather. His passing was the first time death really touched my life. I didn't get to know him as long as my other grandparents, but I still loved him. He was a quiet man who worked hard and loved his family. He worked for the Jenner Company in Louisville, Kentucky. He was a practical man who would cook hot dogs and tomato soup in the same pot so he wouldn't dirty two pots. And he had a sweet and gentle spirit.

One time he brought me a beautiful sheet of paper that was kinda of opaque and full of snowflakes. Granddaddy was the one who taught me that there are not two snowflakes just alike. And no two people are just alike.

It's hard to imagine a God that is so creative that no two snowflakes are alike. I live in Kentucky, which I've always believe was in the South because we're part of the South Eastern Conference. Some winters we've only gotten a dusting of snow, but this year we were slammed more than once.

In Lexington Winter Storm Thor set an all-time two-day snowstorm record, which had stood since January 1943. Parts of Kentucky picked up over 20 inches of snow from Thor.

Here are the Weather Channel Stats for Thor in Kentucky:

- 25 inches near Radcliff
- 23 inches in Baizetown
- 18.5 inches in Frankfort
- 17.1 inches in Lexington (record two-day snowstorm; breaking previous record of 13.5 inches from Jan. 26-27, 1943 and Jan. 13-14, 1917)
- 12 inches in Paducah
- 11.9 inches at Louisville International Airport (second heaviest March snowstorm)
- 7.2 inches in Bowling Green
- Notable ice reports: Wingo 0.25 inches; Eddy Bay 0.10 inches
- Notable sleet reports: Oak Grove 1.5 inches; near Calvert City 0.8 inches
- Reports of road flooding and road closures in the following counties: Powell, Estill, Magoffin, Knott, Rockcastle, Bourbon, Calloway, Montgomery, Ohio, Fayette, Pike, Jefferson, Bullitt, Hopkins, Daviess, Harlan, McCracken, Ballard and Marshall
- Mudslides near the communities of Elk Creek and Grethel
- Three homes, one business and multiple vehicles flooded in Ravenna

We received around twenty inches in Wilmore. Twenty inches of snow in just one snowstorm in Kentucky. No two snowflakes alike. There's a beautiful and awesome quality watching snowflakes fall to the ground.

If God cares this much about a single flake of snow, how much more must he love us? I hope we won't see snow again for a while, but I usually think of my grandfather when it snows. I remember his comments and realized how much I'm loved.