So happy to visit with my good friend Bethany Macmanus

I met Bethany Macmanus a few years ago in a critique group. We became online friends, and then we met at an ACFW conference. Bethany is fun and full of life and has a heart for God. Bethany lives in Houston with her husband, daughter, and son. After practicing as an RN for five years, Bethany left the nursing field to pursue a writing passion the Lord planted in her heart when she was a child. Nancy Drew mysteries were her guilty pleasure during those early years, so she naturally gravitates her pen toward the things that go bump in the night, and most of her plots have a psychological spin.

She’s allergic to cheese, Sulfa drugs, and people who stop in the middle of intersections while driving.

Bethany's new book, Nerve, released on Valentine's Day. Bethany's pretty busy, but one of her character's stopped by for an interview.

1. Please state your full name, and what you do for a living.
Hi, I'm Lauren Masterson, but most people call me Wren. It's a nickname my daddy gave me when I was very young. I am an environmental photographer for Tundra and Savanna magazine. I also work weekends at Petri's grill, but I've given my two weeks notice there because my boss is very inappropriate with all the waitresses.

2.If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?
I'd print photos and make scrapbooks for every person who's made a big impression on my life. Then I'd take a long walk on the beach and enjoy a gelato as the sun sets.

3.What impression do you make on people when they first meet you? How about after they've known you for a while?
I wonder if people get the feeling I'm analyzing them when we first meet. I tend to think artistically, so I'm actually just imagining them with different backgrounds and lighting, and how I'd shoot them in a photograph. Different details come at me when I first shake hands with someone. However, I'm often surprised how my impression changes after I've known someone for a while. Take for instance, my proclivity for dresses and heels. Most people think I'm a diva. I hope they are sufficiently surprised when they find out I spend most of my time analyzing algae and saltwater. That's one thing I do enjoy: shocking people!

4.What's your idea of a good marriage? Do you think that'll happen in your life?
I hope so. I certainly want to do better than my parents, at the marriage thing. My idea of a good marriage? One with mutual respect. If one person doesn't participate at all in what the other person does in their free time, I think they miss a lot of opportunities to grow together. It's the respect of that hobby that really cultivates admiration. Take that as you will...

5. Do you think you've turned out the way your parents expected?
I think I've turned out as independent as my daddy thought I would. Mama? Well, I've probably surprised her. She expected me to marry right out of high school, and never go to college. I'm making a name for myself in photography, though. That takes time, and though I'd like to settle down, some flexibility is also nice.

6.What do you suppose God thinks of you?
I caught a glimpse of what He thinks of me, two years ago on the retreat with Justin Breck. I remember being floored by how accepting He is of my imperfections, my frailties, when it comes to men. I thought He'd be much more judgmental, you know? All I sensed was love. I have a feeling God likes to shock people as much as I do.

7.What would you like it to say on your tombstone?
Here lies Wren Masterson. She helped remind people what is important in life. She will never be forgotten.

I can't wait to read your story, Wren. Thanks for stopping by.

If you'd like to learn more about Bethany, you can find her at any of these places:

Twitter: @bgmacmanus