Bittersweet Days

Miriam Webster defines bittersweet as pleasure alloyed with pain.

The summer before my son, Scott, started high school he picked up a tennis racket. What started out as a favor to play tennis with my husband turned into a passion. And with that passion came a lot of hard work and sacrifice for the next eight years. Scott took lessons, played on the high school team, and competed in many tournaments through high school. When it came time to look for colleges, he only considered schools where he could play tennis. After several college visits, he finally chose to attend Asbury University.

When he graduated from high school, we were a little sad to see that era pass. But now he's graduating from college, and thus will end his competitive days.

Senior Day dawned beautiful and warm. God could not have given us a more perfect day. Coach Miller had a short and sweet presentation for the seniors before the match began.

Scott's doubles partner is recovering from an injury, so he was paired with Josh to play number one doubles. If you add their heights, they are over thirteen feet tall. It was so fun to watch them play together. Sometimes the other team would hit a shot at them, and I'd think there was no way we'd get it, and one of them would stick a long arm out and return the shot.

The team has conference play coming up. If they win conference, they have a chance to go to the national tournament. Each match they win moves them closer to nationals. Any loss will end the season.

Scott and Josh won their doubles match. When Scott walked off Asbury's tennis courts today, it was his last home match. Ever. A bittersweet sensation overwhelmed me. I think Scott was relieved I only asked to take pictures and didn't actually start crying.

My oldest son, Bill, played tennis for AU before he transferred to UK for pharmacy school. Bill works full time, but he helped Coach Miller at the late night tennis practices through the winter. I was so happy that Bill was able to be around for Senior Day.

Thanks for stopping by my back porch and letting me reflect on the wonderful time we've had watching Scott play tennis the last eight years.