Paul Sawyier a Kentucky Impressionist

Paul Sawiyer is a famous Kentucky artist. His prints are are beautiful and affordable. I bet if you go into somebody's house in Kentucky, they are likely to have a Paul Sawyier print hanging on their walls. My grandmother had some of his prints, and so did my parents. I didn't grow up in the same area of Kentucky as Paul Sawyier, but I now live in some of his old stomping grounds. I've seen the palisades he painted. I've hiked by the Kentucky River where he lived. I've seen the rolling green hills of Kentucky. It's a beautiful place to live, and I understand why he was inspired to paint his surroundings.

Paul lived from 1865-1917.

From 1908-1913 he lived on his houseboat on the Kentucky River in my area from Camp Nelson to Shakertown. He created over five hundred original paintings of the palisades and waterways.

Paul decided he needed to find new places to sell his art, and he moved to Brooklyn, NY and lived with his widowed sister, Lillian. He spent the next two years painting watercolors and oil paintings of their parks and waterways. After this he moved to the Catskill Mountain area where he painted many Kentucky scenes from photographs. Despite most of his art being concentrated in Kentucky, his work attracts national interest. He created over 2,000 watercolors and 200 oil paintings, in addition to portraits and etchings.

Have you heard of Paul Sawyier or seen his paintings? Let me share a few I have in my home.