Tammy Ruggles, a True Inspiration

The other day I Googled Kentucky Artists and discovered Tammy Ruggles. I was so impressed that I wanted to introduce you to her.

Tammy has Retinitis Pigmentosa. This is a group of rare, genetic disorders that leads to a loss of retina cells. Common symptoms include loss of peripheral vision and loss of night vision. Tammy has had this disease since birth. She grew up on a farm in Kentucky and didn't seem to realize the effects of this disease. She wore glasses and thought her vision issues were normal.

Office For the Blind helped her attend college to be a social worker. While in college she took art and writing as electives.

Her vision continually grew worse and by the time she turned forty, she was declared legally blind. This meant she couldn't drive, and she lost her job. And if that wasn't bad enough, people started telling Tammy her art wasn't as good as it used to be. She was almost ready to quit.And that's when a friend suggested she try finger painting.

I am not artistic, but I can appreciate talent when I see it. And I'm in awe of Tammy's talent and determination. She may be the very definition of hope and not giving up. One day I hope to meet Tammy in person instead of just through email.

If you'd like to seem more of Tammy's artistic talent, here's the link: http://tammyruggles.deviantart.com/gallery/46117265/Photography-Black-and-White

Until then, she gave me permission to share a bit of her art with you. Enjoy!