What do Johnny Depp and I have in common?

I was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, and two years later my brother, Chris, was born in Owensboro. Two months after Chris was born, Johnny Depp was born in the same hospital.

I lived in Owensboro until I was eight years old. I've only been back a couple of times, but this weekend I was in town to watch Asbury University compete in their conference tennis tournament.

The hospital I was born in has been torn down, but I was able to find the house I lived in.

As we drove around I showed Tim where I rode my bike. Everything seemed so much bigger back then. I loved riding my bike and thought I had so much freedom. Now I know.

When Grandmother Hubbard turned 100, my mom had a party for her. During the party, an older cousin told me my grandmother had been engaged before she met my granddaddy. I barely got over the surprise of that when he dropped the big news bomb. She was engaged to Johnny Depp's grandfather. I jumped from surprised to shocked, but I didn't argue.

Later I sat on the couch by my grandmother and asked her. And she confirmed, she'd been engaged to Mr. Depp. I think his name was Oren Robert Depp, but I could be wrong. We still laugh about this from time to time. These two people who were engaged at one time, both had grandsons born in the same town and the same hospital a few weeks apart.

I'm so glad my grandmother ended up with my granddaddy, and I'm glad my brother is Chris Lutz. (No offense to Johnny Depp.)