Let's Go for a Hike

On a recent Friday, after working 9-6, I met Tim and Scott for dinner. I'd missed a beautiful day being cooped up inside the store, and I was itching to get outside. Scott mentioned the Asbury Trails might be a nice place for a hike, so he drove me by there. Back at the house I asked Tim if he was up for a hike.

He cocked his head and gave me the you gotta be kidding look, but he agreed. The two of us headed back to the trails.

The trail down to the Kentucky River was steep and a little slippery from recent rains. There was plenty of daylight beaming through the trees so visibility was fine.

There were so many pretty sights to admire along the way, and it never ceases to amaze me how awesome God is in His creativity.

We made it down as far as the trail would go and enjoyed the scenery. By now it was after 8:00, and we chose to go back to the parking area another way. This path wouldn't be as dark and should be safer as the sun descended.

When we reached the end of this new trail, we were not at the parking lot. It ended on a little old country road. We never saw a car, not even ours. The parking lot closed at dark, and it was growing dark. We called Bill to look up on the map and try to help us figure out which way to walk. (Do you know how humbling it is to ask your kids for help?) If it'd been earlier in the day, we would've laughed.

At last we found our car and drove out before dark. Now we could laugh.