Nothing screams summer like a lemonade stand

Tim and I visited my sister-in-law and her daughters over the weekend. The girls began dreaming of having a lemonade stand. They knew they had the ingredients to make lemonade, but they debated if they had enough cups and straws. So off the flew to investigate their supplies.

Soon a friend rang the doorbell, and the dream turned into reality. All three girls disappeared into the kitchen and made a pitcher of lemonade. They carried out chairs and a little table.

I test-tasted the lemonade while they made their sign. The were many giggles and whispers.

Tim and I dug around to see how much change we could come up with to drop into their piggy bank. We've been around long enough to know the amount needed to be divisible by three to avoid any arguments at the end of the day. With change in hand, we walked down the sidewalk and approached the lemonade stand. We noticed some last minute scurrying about, so we slowed our steps. When they were ready for business, we were their first customers. The girls' excitement was contagious.

We enjoyed a glass of lemonade and scooted away for their next customer.

I want to encourage you to stop the next time you spot a lemonade stand. Make a child's day, and enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade.