Virginia Military Institute

I don't believe I'd heard of Virginia Military Institute until some good friends mentioned they were headed there for their nephew's graduation this year. VMI is a state supported military college which only enrolls military cadets and gives baccalaureate degrees. It's located in Lexington, Virginia.

All cadets must participate in ROTC, but they can pursue non-military career paths or take a commission in any of the active or reserve parts of the United States military when they graduate.

While attending VMI, they learn the value of service. Or maybe the knew the value of service beforehand and that's why they chose to attend VMI.

A few ways they give back to the community while attending the institute are: help with Toys For Tots, Habitat for Humanity, help local animal shelters, blood drives, food bank, local park cleanup, and even tutoring at local elementary schools.

When people say the youth today are lazy and not motivated, I'll mention these young men and women attending VMI. There are many other young adults, and youth, focused on making the world a better place, and I appreciate them all.