Tough Mudder

Last year was the first time I ever heard of a Tough Mudder race. I discovered it's not just a race, and it's not only a race in the mud, but it's a race in the mud with OBSTACLES. Monkey bars, rope climbs,and scaling walls are just a few of the possible obstacles. I didn't want to know much more because after a certain age, it's no use to try to talk your kids out of something.

Their website says, "Tough Mudder is not a race, it’s a teamwork-oriented challenge that puts camaraderie over course time." They also donate a portion of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Last year both of my sons signed up to participate in the race in Nashville. A storm did so much damage to the course that weekend the boys had to sign up for another race.

Luke Embree and Kenny Shifflet teamed up with Bill and Scott to compete in this year's Tough Mudder at the Kentucky Speedway. Here they are before the race.

They had a goal to complete the race in three hours. Despite every member of the team cramping at some point, they finished in two hours and forty-five minutes.

Scott didn't know Luke and Kenny very well before the race. To finish they stuck together, encouraged each other, and physically helped each other. Here's one more picture at the end of eleven grueling miles. Still standing and still smiling. I'm so proud of these guys and all the people who participated in the Tough Mudder this year.