Visiting with Rose Allen McCauley

Guest blog by Rose Allen McCauley for Jackie Layton

Thanks, Jackie, for inviting me to your back porch. And since I have been there in person, I know how lovely and inviting it is, along with the rest of your house and yard!

My husband and I recently moved from our farm in Harrison County, KY to the small town of Paris, KY not very far from Lexington, so today I would like to welcome you to my new home. We don’t have a back porch yet, but hope to have a deck by next year, so perhaps Jackie will let me stop by again then.

Since Jackie posted flags yesterday I decided I would start my tour of my new yard and side porch with our flag in the side yard. My husband is an Air Force veteran, and we have flown a flag at our old home for decades, but bought a new one to put up here. We always want to remember our servicemen and women who sacrifice so much for us all.

We brought this old tobacco setter wheel and galvanized bucket from the farm to decorate around our tree in our new front yard.

Jackie and I share a love of writing—in fact, we are in a brainstorming group that meets every couple months or whenever we need to brainstorm! Jackie and I also share a love of the beach, so since I don’t want to move to the beach because I would be too far from our kids and grandkids, I decorated a couple rooms in my house and our front porch with beach colors and shells which you can see from this photo.

Jackie and I also share a love of travel, and I have started a Tuesday Travelogue on my blog at where I hope you will stop by and see some of the scenes I took on our trip to Puerto Rico when I went to check out some of the research I did for my latest book Surrender to Peace.

I’ll share the cover and blurb here.

Blurb: Despair to delight. A broken engagement finds Joy Worth in Puerto Rico with questions for the Lord. Can Benigno earn her love while helping her trust in God once more and learn to hear His voice again?

Surrender to Peace is out in e-book form at and also as well as and and As soon as the cover art is ready, it will be released in print by Ingram in most bookstores.

Thanks for letting me stop by Jackie, and I want to invite your readers to visit my page if they are interested in scenery from Puerto Rico which is a very beautiful country. I’m also running a contest for all those who sign up for my blog or newsletter or author facebook page here during the month of August. Be sure to leave a comment to let me know which ones you signed up for. Each place counts as one entry, so you could earn three entries in the contest toward a copy of Surrender to Peace –ebook or print version. The winner will get to choose which one and I will announce the winner on September 1st on my blog and on FB.