Buy Local. Eat Local.

I've worked for an independent business owner for over sixteen years. I've always been in favor of buying local and supporting our friends and families.

Buying local produce and food supplies helps our local farmers, and the food is fresher when it doesn't have to travel across the country. One place to buy local is Marksbury Farm Market in Lancaster, Kentucky.

They have a little store where you can buy groceries, and they serve food if you want to eat there. We recently stopped by Marksbury Farm Market and picked up lunch for my mother-in-law and a friend. Her friend ordered a burger and couldn't get over how delicious it was. This friend, Liz, has spent time farming and couldn't quit bragging on her food.

I discovered the word charcuterie. I'd never seen it before and discovered it means pork products like bacon, ham, sausage and more.

The day we stopped by was Farm and Family Day. They had pony rides, balloons, a big slide, and other fun activities for families with young children.

We'll definitely go back to Marksbury Farm Market, and I'd like to encourage you to find a place like this where you live.