Never Give Up Part 2

Last week I shared how I got into pharmacy school. I loved living in Athens, Georgia and attending UGA. But there were hard times. I didn't breeze through my classes.

I always struggled with wanting to be a good mother to Bill and studying. There were times I considered giving up. I could finish one of the other degrees I started with a lot less stress.

During some of these times it was my mother, Nancy Lutz, who kept encouraging me. She told me I could do it. She reminded me Bill depended on me to graduate so I could provide for him. She had faith in me and wouldn't let me give up on myself. She was the voice of encouragement in my ear.

I did eventually graduate. During my time in Athens, I met Tim. We fell in love and married. Eventually we moved back to Kentucky to be closer to family.

When Bill went to college, he told us he wanted to be a pharmacist. I'll be the first to tell anybody Bill is way smarter than me. He got into UK and is now a pharmacist. I joke about him surviving pharmacy school twice, and he's a great pharmacist.

Here's Bill today with his wife, Amanda and their beautiful daughters.

In this picture you'll see the four pharmacists in my family. Dick Lutz, Chris Lutz, Bill Sturdevant, and me surrounded by our loving, and encouraging family.

If you're struggling today, I'd like to encourage you to never give up.

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