Special Christmas Decorations

Do you have a favorite decoration you like to set up or put on the tree? Today I want to share a few Christmas decorations from my friends.

Janet Ferguson, one of my amazing critique partners shared this with me. Janet said, "I never buy Christmas items for myself. I don't have matching holiday decor that would please a decorator. Most of my ornaments and other Christmas miscellaneous have been gifts. My mother loved to buy each of us an ornament every year. Friends have given me various platters, candles, etc. over over the years. And ever since I moved into my neighborhood, some twenty plus years ago, the ladies have had an ornament swap. I've participated in swaps with other groups, as well, like at my church. I think my neighborhood one is my favorite because I realize many people don't know their neighbors these days. I was lucky in that before we located there, some nice ladies organized a neighborhood bunko. I really don't care about playing the game, but once a month I get to see my neighbors, and at Christmas, we play the dirty Santa ornament swap game. I received these two birds this year through a bit of strategic stealing, but all in good fun. The mercury glass fowl will join my mismatched collection of ornaments and fun memories."

Another one of my amazing critique partners is Misty Beller who writes historical romances. She shared this ornament, and it just made me smile.

Misty said, "My grandparents brought this ornament back from California for me when I was a girl. It's more eclectic than my usual traditional style, but it captures two of my loves. The girl is dressed like a cowgirl, which is much the way I dressed during most of my childhood. Hanging from her arms are musical instruments, which I have always loved. So much so that I was a music major my first year in college."

LeAnne Bristow is another of my amazing critique partners. She shared her nativity set that her daughters gave her when they were little. They saved their money and surprised her with this set. She said she'd always wanted one, and it's now her favorite decoration.