An American Hero: Matthew Bradford

I met Matthew Bradford on Facebook in 2015. He's a local man with a family and lives in my area of the country, and he's an American hero.

On Monday, Matthew shared this on Facebook, and I asked if I could share with you. He said, "Yes."

Today marks the ninth anniversary of a day that tragically and emotionally took so much from me at an early age. Although emotional to realize that I will never be able too see my family or miraculously have my legs back, throughout these last nine years, I always try to find the best in every situation. I have been asked in the past by multiple people, "how do I do it" and "how do I stay motivated?". I sincerely do not have an answer except being a U.S. Marine and proudly serving in the greatest and most powerful military in the world for this country that I love so much! I am willing to risk anything or everything for those fifty stars and those thirteen red and white stripes. The never quit attitude will never leave my body, for my brothers then and now for my family! Yes, bad days occur however I allow the greater moments to trump the negative! I smile, laugh, yet more importantly I am alive! A bomb didn't take me from this world nine years ago and I will not surrender now! "A lifetime of glory is a worth a moment of pain"

What a powerful message. Let's honor Matthew by showing respect for our veterans and service people.