Flag Etiquette

I love our country, and I love our flag. Because so many men and women have sacrificed to protect us, one way I like to honor them is by flying my flag. So I thought I'd share flag etiquette today.

The American flag can be displayed from sunrise to sunset. At sunset the flag must come down unless properly lighted.

If you fly other flags with your American flag, The American flag must be on top.

If your flag wears out, the best way to dispose of it is to burn it. The safest way to do this may be to contact a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop for proper disposal. The American Legion is another option.

IF you want to hang your flag on a wall, you can hang it horizontally or vertically with the blue to the viewer's upper left.

And this last thing is not a rule on proper etiquette, but I think our American flags should be made in America.

Thanks for stopping by, and God Bless America!